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Setting Up Git

I somehow have been using some form of source control for my entire database career. And I’ve been using Git for the past several years at work. I decided to create a repository as another way to make my sessions and scripts accessible and as better way to organize them, rather than just uploading to the SQL Saturday or user group sites and keep them scattered across multiple folders on my computer.

You would think as someone who has used source control regularly, it would be fairly simple to do. When it comes to that someone being me, you would be wrong.

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Presenting with Azure Data Studio

I had the honor of being part of the first Data Platform Discovery Day event, held over two days – one for US and one for Europe. This was a virtual event designed for those who are new to the Microsoft Data Platform. I was honored that they picked me to present my “Back to the Basics: T-SQL 101” session.

I decided this was the perfect opportunity to play around more with SQL Notebooks in Azure Data Studio (ADS). I didn’t give myself a lot of time to get ready – just a couple of days.

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Thoughts for Women’s Month, 2020

Since I started this blog, I thought it was important that I have a blog post every March in honor of Women’s Month. My goal was to publish it on March 8th to coincide with Internal Woman’s Day. I’m a little bummed that I didn’t make that happen on that date this year but as long this gets published in March, I’m doing OK, right?

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PASS Summit 2020 Call for Speakers

It’s official – the PASS Summit 2020 Call for Speakers is open from now (March 26th) until April 23rd. You can find the official announcement here or go straight to the submission page.

This time last year, I saw a lot of people on Twitter stressing about pulling together their abstracts and making sure they submitted on time. As I watched them go through this process, I thought about whether I wanted to submit. I wasn’t sure I was ready to do it yet. Was I a good enough speaker? Did I have a strong enough abstract? As the deadline hit, I decided not submit. There was still a small part of me that wishes I had but again I wasn’t sure I was ready for it. That’s why I made a deal with myself that if Speaker Idol was held again, then I would throw my name in the ring. We all know how that turned out….

PASS Summit 2019 – testing out the podium

Now the question for me is what to submit. I still feel like there’s extra pressure to have an amazing, high quality session because it’s PASS Summit. I definitely have a session or two that I already have ready that I think are good enough to submit and I have a new idea for one forming in the back of my mind. So, my challenge is to pull the new abstract together and clean up the existing ones so I can submit them in time.

The only thing I think I won’t get to experience this year is the stress of wondering whether I’ll get picked or not. Although submitting multiple sessions means I still get to stress about which one gets picked. But for now, I will just enjoy the fact that we knew I was speaking at Summit before we knew Bob Ward was speaking. Pretty sure he’ll still have more people attend his session than mine – which I’m perfectly OK with. I’ll take my little victories where I can find them. But I’m looking forward to seeing who else will be speaking with me this year.

If you are where I was last year – a new-ish speaker who hadn’t spoken at Summit before, I say: Submit. What’s the worst that can happen… you get picked?

I know there’s a lot of craziness in the world right now and who knows what’s going to happen or change on us. But in the meantime, I remain optimistic and am looking forward to planning for the future. See y’all in Houston!


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T-SQL Tuesday #124 – Query Store 1st steps

TSQL2SDAY-150x150It’s another T-SQL Tuesday! This month, our host is Tracy Boggiano (b|t)  Thanks to Tracy for hosting.

(If you’re interested in learning more about T-SQL Tuesdays in general, you can check out the website for past invitations and the background.)

Tracy invited us to talk about our experiences adopting Query Store and if we haven’t yet, why not. This couldn’t be a more timely post. I just enabled Query Store on my test database last week. Seriously – just last week.

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Setting up Azure Data Studio

I’ve been wanting to work more with Azure Data Studio for a while. I attended Vicky Harp’s (t) session about SQL Server tools at PASS Summit and I really appreciated what I was seeing. But it’s hard to just jump to a new tool without having a goal. I think I finally found some good ones. I have several presentations to work on. After seeing others use Azure Data Studio for demos, I like the way it can add comments around the various code sections in notebooks so I decided that I want to use it for my sessions as well. Plus I like the idea that I can use one tool for SQL and for PowerShell. I can already see how useful that is so I want to play with that ability more as well.

It had been a while since I had installed ADS or updated it or probably even opened it to be honest. I still have it set up to have it show the welcome page when it starts. But this is what I saw:

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T-SQL Tuesday #122 – Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

TSQL2SDAY-150x150Happy First T-SQL Tuesday of 2020!

Thanks to Jon Shaulis (b|t) for hosting this month’s topic. (If you’re interested in knowing more about T-SQL Tuesday, go to and read up.) Our topic is to talk about our experiences with Imposter Syndrome. The goal in sharing is to help others who are also experiencing it.

So I had two moments last week:

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Opportunities – Past and Future

I’ve been thinking lately about all the great opportunities that I’ve had through 2019. I’d have to say that this past year was a pretty good one for me in the SQL Community.

* I’ve spoken at 6 SQL Saturdays and 2 user groups, including my first remote presentation.

* I was on the planning committee for SQL Saturday Boston 2019 and am on the board for the New England SQL User Group (serving the Greater Boston area).

* I was selected as an IDERA ACE Class of 2020.

* Have I mentioned that I competed and won Speaker Idol at PASS Summit yet? (I know – I’m truly taking advantage of those “bragging rights.”)

* In addition to speaking, I’ve also written 14 blog posts, including 3 for T-SQL Tuesday, and had close to 1000 views as recorded by WordPress metrics over the past year. While this may not seem like a huge impact in some ways, I’m still pretty proud that I reached as many of you as I have. Thanks to everyone who has been reading!

I’m already planning all of the SQL Saturdays that I want to attend over the next year, including some that require traveling further than what I may be used to. I have a backlog of blog posts I want to write as well as a couple new presentations to develop. I have at least one User Group presentation on the calendar and will hopefully do some more, including at least one virtual group. Needless to say, I’m hoping 2020 will be an even better year than 2019.

This brings me back to the idea of opportunities.

We are so fortunate to have a community where we can participate in so many different ways – whether it’s just as an in person or virtual participant or as a speaker or an organizer. And even with all of these opportunities, there are people who don’t take advantage of any of these things. By being involved, I have made connections to people who help me be better at my job. While I may not get a chance to work directly with the technology, knowing it exists can make a difference in the decisions made day-to-day. Discovering that I’m part of a supportive network, both professionally and personally, has given me confidence to push myself to learn more, improve my existing skills, and a desire to give back to the community. Most importantly, I love being a part of all of this because it’s really what turns my job into my career.

I encourage all of you to take advantage of all of the opportunities our community has to offer in some new way over the next year – your career is worth it. And I hope to meet more of you over the next year.

Here’s looking forward to a great 2020!

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Speaker Idol 2019 – The Advice

This should be my final post about Speaker Idol 2019. I’ve said Thank You’s, I’ve told you how I put the presentation together, and now it’s time to give back. Here’s my advice for anyone who wants to do this in the future. Some of these apply regardless of whether you’re competing so I’m breaking these out in general.

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