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Temporal Tables Take 2

For the T-SQL Tuesday challenge in June, I took a look at temporal tables. When I was querying the table to show the changes, I found that when I selected from the temporal table to return the history records as well, not all of the rows I expected to see were being returned. My theory was that it may be a timing issue where a date time precision that prevented all of the updates from being written.

As I went through this second look, I realized that my original theory was off. I know it’s not the first time this will happen and it’s not going to be the last. But this is why we blog – to learn from our mistakes, right?

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Ready, Set, Model!

We’re here!!! We’ve finally come to the part where we can start modeling and creating our database. As I was creating a clean reference between the two versions of the survey questions for myself, I realized that there are really two types of questions – ones that were fact based (where were you born, what was your occupation, etc.) vs. the ones that were more observational based (i.e. what was your sense of X scenario). So we’ll start with the fact based questions. Continue reading “Ready, Set, Model!”