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My PASS Summit 2016

I’m home and unpacked from PASS Summit. I’ve finished putting together my notes from my sessions and I’m getting back to my usual routine. New swag has been set up in my cube at work.

This was the first Summit I’ve been able to attend since 2004. It has changed so much since I was last there that it might as well have been my first time. But I did my homework beforehand so I felt like I knew what was going on and was even able to share with some of the people I had met who hadn’t heard of these things. Like what some of the various official or unofficial activities were going on in the evenings and being able to point out where they could find more info.

If I had to come up with a slogan for PASS Summit, it would be:

Come for the sessions. Stay for the people.

I truly enjoyed meeting everyone – from people I didn’t know beforehand to those I’ve only followed or chatted with online in one way or another to those I’ve met once or twice in person. Hopefully it didn’t come off too “stalker-y” when I introduced myself to someone with “So nice to meet you! I follow you on Twitter and read your blog.”

I’ve decided that Twitter is the new business card. I think “Are you on Twitter?” was asked more than “Can I get your business card?” Now, I have an instant connection to all the people I met. In some ways, depending on how often people tweet, that interaction over the next year may even be more frequently than what it would have been through just email so you can really get to know a person better and make a stronger connection. (And this is a note to myself to be better about tweeting  – and blogging – for the same reason.)

To say I had a lot of fun is an understatement. But it wasn’t all fun and games. We’re there to learn, after all. And I learned a lot. I attended great sessions by great speakers and I’m looking forward in bringing that back into my day-to-day work. I have a lot of ideas on how I want to use these new tricks and concepts so hopefully I’ll be able to make that happen wherever it’s possible.

All of this is what makes me want to come back: I learned so much with so many great people. And I’m looking forward to doing it all again next year.

I also want to say a big thank you to PASS, the various sponsors, the speakers, and all those involved in organizing this event. Thanks for all of your hard work in pulling off a very successful event!

See you next year!



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