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My 2017 New Year Resolutions


It’s that time of year – time to make New Year Resolutions. Most of the time, we make resolutions that we never have intentions on completing. I’ve decided to set some reasonable goals this year. I’m always a work in progress so I guess you can look at this as items that were on my to-do list that I’m moving up in order of priority.

Be a better blogger

Blogging is a process and I’m still learning how to do it. So please bear with me as I learn how to do this. I’ve already figured out some things I’d like to improve in my personal process and now it’s matter of working those out. Stuff like finding a regular time to work on the blog, making sure my goals aren’t too lofty and unreasonable, cut down the time it takes to edit\revise each post to only 2 times the amount of time it took to put together the initial draft instead of the embarrassing number it’s taking now, etc. Some of what I want to improve upon will take practice so I need to make sure I get plenty of that too. I’m definitely in awe of those of you who have been able to do this regularly for years.

Get more involved

I’ve told one of the people from my local SQL Server User Group that I’m ready to volunteer more. I intended to follow up and follow through with it. And there are several other organizations that I would be interested in looking into. This should be an easy one resolution to knock off my list.

Start speaking?

I participated in the recent T-SQL Tuesday topic about new speakers. Thanks to Andy Yun (b|t), who hosted that topic and even followed up with me and the other newbies (or at least I think he did), and the others who have contacted me privately to offer their help in this process. I started talking about it so now I need to follow through. I have a lot of work to do for this so I need to buckle down and get started.

The good news is that I don’t think these are unobtainable goals. And since I’m putting this out here in the universe, I now have another incentive to make sure that I follow through with this.

Now that we’ve given 2016 the boot and it’s on to 2017!!!



2 thoughts on “My 2017 New Year Resolutions

  1. Like you, I just started blogging as a DBA last year. I’m enjoying your content so far! I wish you best of luck in the speaking & community involvement endeavors. Hope to see more from you!


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