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Reflecting on my PASS Summit 2017

20171031_140036There seems to be no way for me to write this without sounding trite or like some paid evangelist. It just happens to be that when someone outside the database world asks me how about my PASS Summit experience was, my answer is: It was awesome and I’m looking forward to going back last year.

At last year’s Summit, I spent a lot of time learning about things that I was expecting that I was going to need for an upcoming project. As that project is still upcoming, this year I spent my time going to sessions that would help me with being better with what I’m currently doing, learning about the changes coming with SQL Server 2017, and understanding the development processes that pull everything together in general. I feel like so much of what I had been learning over the past year is suddenly started coming together. Even in the very last session of the very last day, I had concepts clicking in my head that gave me a better understanding of what I’ve been doing and how I can do it even better. I’m looking forward to figuring out how I can use all of his information and work some of these improvements into my day-to-day tasks over the next year.

As great as the sessions were, I have to be honest – the networking aspect of PASS Summit is why I was ridiculously excited to come back this year. And I mean, ridiculously excited. There were so many people I met last year that I was looking forward to seeing again. And there were people I met online that I got to meet and hang out with in real life. Even better, I got to meet a lot of new and awesome people I didn’t know I need to know before going. I wasn’t able to meet everyone I wanted to but I’m so glad I got to meet those I did. Of course, I missed the people I connected with last year who couldn’t make it back this year. I didn’t have the best summer camp experiences but I imagine that this is how those who did felt about their camps and why they were always excited to go back so they could catch up with everyone again.

In so many ways, I feel like attending last year’s Summit inspired me to get more involved over the last year – whether it was directly from the people I met or just seeing first hand how passionate everyone who attends is (or seems to be) about their job and this community. I think by getting more involved myself, it made this year’s experience even better. Hopefully some of you were inspired the same way too.

Thanks so much to all those who were involved in organizing, planning, speaking, sponsoring, volunteering, etc. who made this year such a great success!

Looking forward to seeing you all next year!


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