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What’s in your walle… er, speaker bag?

It started out pretty casually. In the speaker room, someone asked if anyone had an adapter because they heard the room they were in didn’t have an HDMI connector but VGA. I said I think I had an adapter so I pulled out my bag and suddenly heard the sounds of impressed speakers. (It may have been laughter but I’m going to go with “impressed speakers”) Which led me to this tweet:


Since I know other speakers have done similar posts, I figured I should share what I have:

The Bag

I found the bag on Amazon: BUBM 9.7” Waterproof Tablet Handbag Travel Gear Electronics Accessories Organizer Bag. I originally had a gallon sized Ziploc bag that I threw cords in but obviously, the quality was lacking. Talking to other speakers and reading other blog posts like this, I realized that I should be prepared because you never know what you’re going to find in the rooms. I also had a bunch of cords for charging various things that seemed useful if I kept around. So in some ways, this is random collection of things that may be useful.

Top Section


annotated top of the bag

A – USB connector with USB-C connector and a Lightning Connector. Got this as swag from a SQL Saturday.

B – Spare single Lightning connector

C – Micro USB connector. Fairly certain it goes for what’s at E.

D – VGA to HDMI adapters

E – Wireless charger. Another sponsor swag pickup…

F – Instructions for my presentation remote.

G – 90 degree HDMI to HDMI adapter

H – 2 USB-C connectors.

I – Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote (and charging cable)

J – USB-C connector and a Lightning Connector, shorter versions

Bottom Section


annotated bottom of the bag

A – extra pouch with instructions for some electronic

B – laptop battery

C – 1 HDMI cable and 1 VGA cable

D – Spare USB to power socket connectors

E – Travel mouse

F – USB Charger

That’s it!

In some ways, this is a mismatch collection of spare cords I had lying around and adapters that may be useful at some point when traveling or presenting. Even just labeling things for this post makes me want to reorganize things. (Why didn’t I put the same type of cord or different adapters together? Do I really need to keep the mouse in a box?) But as someone who always finds a way to over-pack and can never figure out how to pare things down, I think my “bag ‘o cords” seems to fit me just fine.



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