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Speaker Idol 2019

I’m really looking forward to PASS Summit this year, for a number of reasons.

The first is that I feel like it’s the summer camp experience that I never had growing up – I get to go hang out with all my #sqlfamily friends across the country and world and geek out over SQL Server, learning from some of the best in the community. I’ve also signed up to be a First Timer Buddy again this year so I’m looking forward to meeting them and showing them around.

The second is that I always come back so energized about what I do. I want to implement and get hands-on experience with all the things and share that with my co-workers who can’t make it.

The third reason is the most exciting one – I will be competing in Speaker Idol this year! When the deadline for submitting sessions for PASS Summit came up in the spring, I wasn’t sure I was ready to have a full session or even knew what I would want to submit. But I decided that if Speaker Idol was coming back, I would throw my name in and see what happens.

I’ll be spending a lot of time over the next couple of weeks putting together my talk and slides. I haven’t quite figured out if I’m where I want to be or if I’m behind. It’s probably the latter. But regardless of how things turn out, I’m looking forward to the challenge.

I’m in Round 3, which is 8 am on Friday morning. (No #sqlkaraoke for me Thursday.) The first two rounds are at 4:45 pm on Wednesday and 4:45 pm on Thursday. The Finals are at 2 pm on Friday afternoon. If you get a chance, stop by any of the rounds and you’ll get a bit of a master class on speaking.

It feels really strange adding this to my Speaking page, but hopefully the next line I get to add in my Upcoming session will be a place holder for PASS Summit 2020! Wish me (and the other 11 amazing speakers) luck!

speaker idol prep
Story-boarding my talk… 5 minutes is not a lot of time!

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