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Speaker Idol 2019 – Thank You!

I won Speaker Idol 2019. 

This happened a couple of weeks ago now and somehow that sentence still feels surreal to write. But it happened. It’s on Twitter and everything…

I will definitely have follow up posts about my process putting everything together and advice but I thought I’d keep this one short and readable for now.

So I wanted to start with the Thank Yous, because there are a lot of them.

Someone fixed my ribbon…

I had a lot of help. I asked people for advice, traded tips, and set up meetings to run through the presentation and get feedback. What I presented would not have been nearly as good as it was if it weren’t for these people:

  • Amy Herold
  • Andy Levy
  • Andy Yun
  • Bob Pusateri
  • Chris Hyde
  • Leslie Andrews
  • Matt Cushing
  • Rob Farley
  • Rob Volk

We forget sometimes how hard it is to give a regular presentation, let alone present it in front of people, ask them to tear it apart, and then have them compare and rank it against your peers. So a huge Kudos to my fellow contestants:

  • William Assaf 
  • David Bland
  • Eric Freeman
  • Leslie Andrews
  • Jim Miller
  • Hylke Peek
  • Adrian Mee
  • Slava Murygin
  • Daniel Janik
  • Lonny Niederstadt

I’m looking forward to seeing all of these presenters give their sessions under less stressful circumstances. 

And a big thanks to the judges:

  • Ben Weissman 
  • Kathi Kellenberger 
  • Kendra Little
  • Melody Zacharias 
  • Rie Irish

They did not have an easy decision. William, Hylke, and Adrian all did fantastic jobs with their presentations in the final round! I almost feel like the four of us should be sorry for making the judge’s decision a tough one. NOTE: I said “almost”.

Thanks to Hamish Watson for his MC and organizing duties.

Thanks to Denny Cherry for starting this competition and supporting it through the years. 

Finally, thanks goes to everyone else who supported me through this process. I feel like I had a cheering section at one point and it meant so much to me. And if it looked like I was going to cry during the standing ovation y’all gave me at the end – well, it’s because it was exactly how I felt. And it’s how I still feel now thinking about it.

Thank you!


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