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Speaker Idol 2019 – The Advice

This should be my final post about Speaker Idol 2019. I’ve said Thank You’s, I’ve told you how I put the presentation together, and now it’s time to give back. Here’s my advice for anyone who wants to do this in the future. Some of these apply regardless of whether you’re competing so I’m breaking these out in general.

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T-SQL Tuesday #121 – SQL Gifts


It’s been a while since I’ve been able to pull together a T-SQL Tuesday post. But Mala (b|t) has given us a topic that is easy enough that even someone like me, who overthinks and over-edits her posts, can pull something together.

For this month’s topic, Mala asked us what our gifts over the past year have been. The no-brainer answer for me is a supportive #sqlfamily.

I had two pretty big “gifts” recently (you can read about them here and here) – neither of which would have happened if it hadn’t been for the support of this community.

But even more than that, I’ve been able to get to know more people in the SQL community over the past year – too many to mention by name. The fact I can call many of you “my friend” and not just “some random person I stalk follow on Twitter” is a true gift.

I’m look forward to sharing this gift of #sqlfamily with more of you this coming year!


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Speaker Idol 2019 – Putting it together

testing out the podium

I thought I’d share some more about my Speaker Idol experience. This post feels a little weird for me because I am writing about pulling together my presentation. I say this is weird because I’m not used to talking about myself like this. But my real goal in sharing this is every speaker has a different way they pull presentations together and as this was a very different presentation, I thought I’d share my process. That or I feel the need to milk the Speaker Idol win a little more. Or maybe it’s a bit of both.

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