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Working With Synonyms

Don’t you love it when you find out that the little quirk you thought existed didn’t? Here I was – thinking I had this great idea for an article about it. I wrote up my test cases and proved myself wrong. So I guess we’ll chalk this up to another edition of “Me and Jon Snow – we both know nothing.”

I can still use Game of Throne references even though the show’s over, right?

At some point, I got it in my head that while you could create synonyms successfully before the object, once the object was created the synonym still wouldn’t know about the object or underlying changes. I’m not sure where I got this idea, but it’s just not true. Well, not entirely true. And I guess I was very convincing in this argument because no one corrected me at the time.

So let’s takes a look at a couple of examples to see how this works:

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In Search of a Mentor

Last year at SQL Saturday Boston, I led a WIT panel over lunch titled “Models and Mentors” where we talked about role models and mentoring. There was a good variety of people in the room from those who were just getting started to those who were well established in their careers. One of the questions I had for the room was who had a mentor. Some of those who would be considered more established raised their hands. People who said they mentored others also said that they had mentors themselves. In some ways, I was surprised by this but in other ways, it’s not that surprising at all. Mentors aren’t just for people who are getting started but for those who want someone who can help them as they navigate their career and beyond. I was also surprised to hear of people who had multiple mentors. Again, I probably shouldn’t have been because different people have different strengths and the areas where you need mentoring can be different.

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T-SQL Tuesday #129 – My Time Capsule Contribution

It’s another T-SQL Tuesday! It’s our monthly blog party where a community member gives us all something to write about. Thanks to Tammy Clark (t|b) for hosting this month. (And if you’re interested in learning more, check out the T-SQL Tuesday website.)

Our directions from Tammy are:

Tell me what few items or bits of information you’d like me to put into the #SQLCommunity time capsule.

To me, time capsules are a snapshot of what’s going on at the time. So here’s a photo of what I’ll be adding:

My time capsule - my laptop surrounded by music, computer accessories, a guitar and mandolin, and two stuffed animals

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