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T-SQL Tuesday #134 – Give me a break

Welcome to the first T-SQL Tuesday of 2021!

2020 ended up being a year for the record books and 2021 is already making its mark. So I appreciate the topic that our host, James McGillivray (b|t), has given us.

Breaks are critical for our mental health. Write a post about relaxation techniques, dream destinations, vacation plans or anything else relating to taking a break for your own mental health.


Normally, I would talk about how making music is my standard go-to for relaxation. I feel like I’ve talked about this often. During the pandemic, I have done some videos, even finding an app so I can record accompaniments to myself. My choir has a couple of virtual choir projects that we have done\are doing as well. But as anyone who has tried to do a recording for anything knows, it takes a lot of time to do right. So unfortunately, it’s not been as relaxing as I’d hoped. I still want to keep at it because I need to practice and work on improving my skills where possible. I have a couple of things I want to work on, so stay tuned…

But enough about music from me. What I really could use for a break and relaxation is a vacation!


I’m looking forward to traveling again, especially internationally. I have had way too many places on my list for way too long.

Some of the top places on my list:

  • Great Britain – I read and took a lot of classes about Victorian England so that I have never been there is a shame. While there, I’d love to jump over to Ireland.
  • Greece – I’ve always wanted to go. The Mediterranean Sea and those views. The food. And I was obsessed with Greek mythology as a kid so I’d love to see all the temple ruins, including the Parthenon.
  • New Zealand – My parents lived there for about 5 months when my dad worked there as part of some program a couple years before he retired. I’m still bummed that I wasn’t able to get things together so I could go and visit. And of course, while on that side of the world, a jump over to Australia would be lovely.

There are a lot of other countries I want to visit. I’d list them all but then I will spend way too long writing this thing and it will end up listing half of the world here and no one wants to read that! Hitting all of these places I want to go will require a lot of vacation time but y’know, it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

But right now, I would settle for a chance to go to Hawaii and sit on a beach with some tropical drink after spending the day exploring the islands, maybe hiking a volcano, and definitely eating some good food.


Thanks for hosting this month, James! I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else is doing for relaxation or where their vacation spots are so I can make my list even longer.


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