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T-SQL Tuesday #145 – In Person Events

Happy T-SQL Tuesday, everyone! It’s the last one for 2021 so I want to try to finish out the year by participating.

This month is hosted by Xavier Morera (b|t). Xavier has asked us a couple of questions to get us going on this month’s topic:

  1. Which is your favorite conference and why?
  2. Which is the best venue that you have visited for a tech conference?
  3. Who is the best presenter that you have ever listened to?
  4. Which location would you like for your next event to take place and why Costa Rica?

I’m going to start with the last question first. I have never been to Costa Rica but I hear lovely things about it. It sounds like a lovely place to go and talk about the Microsoft Data Platform. I feel like this is a no-brainer. 🙂

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