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Initial Thoughts about SQL Server 2022

I had the opportunity to do a presentation at work last week about SQL Server 2022. I titled it “Features in SQL Server 2022 We’re Looking Forward To”. I threw together a list and ran it by some coworkers first. Of the list of approximately 20 items, only 4 were deemed low priority so it would be OK if we didn’t talk about. I only had 30 minutes so I couldn’t even do a single demo. I think I had more links to various pages and blog posts than bullet points about what the features were.

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But it definitely help me solidify my thoughts about SQL Server 2022 – this is a major release that requires a lot of attention.

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T-SQL Tuesday #151 – Coding Standards

It’s another T-SQL Tuesday! This month, Mala Mahadevan (t | b) is hosting. Her question for us this month is:

What are the T-SQL coding rules that are appropriate for where you work and what you do? 

When I think of what my coding standards are, I tend to think of it as how would I review scripts for a pull request (PR). I think my past coworkers can attest that I can get quite picky when I look at code. So if I were your reviewer, what sort of things would I comment on?

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And now for something (sort of) entirely different …

There have been a lot of personal changes going on around here. Andy (b | t) moved to Boston, we got married, and now we have a dog. But we’re about to embark on a new endeavor – one that will truly put our young marriage to the test. Even more strenuous than buying a couch or putting together IKEA furniture…

We’re pooling our resources and building a home computer lab. Because, yes, we are just that geeky.

Sebastian, the chihuahua mix, is sitting in front of the laptop, "reviewing the specs"
The Chair of the Board, a.k.a. Sebastian, is reviewing the specs and numbers.

And yes, we’re going to blog about it. Because, again, we are just that geeky.

Why are we doing this – other than the above stated reason of being geeks? For starters, I got my personal laptop 6 years ago. It’s still works fine but at a certain point, it’s kind of messy and harder to reset to try new things. Being able to have a VM or two that I can reset as needed will make things easier. Andy already has a couple of personal VMs but is looking to reset and upgrade.

This is not something that I have embarked on before. Andy has set up his own VMs before, obviously. But the end goal is to take this a step further and really have a solution that’s not our individual laptops – one that both of us can use to build, test, play, and destroy with all the things.

Andy has already started investigating the hardware and will be blogging about that. That’s more of his wheelhouse anyway. And while I’ve used this stuff before, it’s been in a cursory fashion or “asking my coworker for help” kind of situation so I’ll probably blog a lot more about how this experience works from my point of view – i.e. the person who’s just used to making things work as much as possible with the personal laptop.

Wish us luck!