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T-SQL Tuesday #152 – Invitation

Hi there, T-SQL Tuesday community – long time poster, first time hosting…

That’s right, I’m hosting T-SQL Tuesday this month and I’m super excited about it!

So, what shall we talk about?

The Invitation

I came to a realization lately that I have a few opinions about databases. And I’m pretty sure that you do too. After all, I’ve read your blogs, chatted with you, and seen your Twitter rants.

But we’re database professionals. It’s supposed to depend, right?

Except we all have experiences that shape how we approach our work. One minute your coworker asks you a question about doing X. You reply with “It Depends…” leading into a 5-10 minute rant. This may include some or all of the following:

  • Stories starting with “that one time at that client”
  • References to blog posts you read\wrote\should write
  • Commentary on code – the good, the bad, & the ugly
  • Personal theories and philosophies on the topic

All of this is followed by “Thank you for coming to my TED talk” and a “I’m sorry, what was your question again?

So yeah… this may have been inspired by an actual conversation… or two… or ten. I apologize to my coworkers… again…

So for this month’s T-SQL Tuesday, I want you to give us that rant. Tell us about the experiences, the code, the posts that inspired you, and all the gory details in between. And what is it that makes you so passionate about this topic that “It Depends” gets tossed out the window? Pull out your soapbox and tell us all about it.


A reminder of what you need to participate:

  • Any and all bloggers are welcome to participate – even and especially new bloggers.
  • Your blog should be posted on Tuesday, July 12, 2022 by the end of the day. As long as it’s July 12, 2022 somewhere in the world, it counts.
  • Link back to this post and add a comment to this page with the link to your post so I can find it for the roundup. This also makes it easier for your readers to find the other posts as well.
  • If sharing on Twitter or LinkedIn, use the hashtag #tsql2sday.
  • Make sure you to use the T-SQL Tuesday logo on your post.
  • Have fun!

Thanks again to Adam Machanic, who started T-SQL Tuesdays, and Steve Jones (t | b), for keeping it going and letting me host this month. I truly love reading everyone’s posts every #tsql2sday so I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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