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All in the Family

allinthefamilyI wanted to spend some time looking at questions about people to see if we can fill out some of the Person table, or at least confirm it makes sense. So I’m going to start skipping around the survey looking at different questions to try to find more information for people.

The next group of questions about people have to do with parents and other relatives.

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How Old Are You Now?

Time to look at Question #2 of the survey:


Here we just have an age with no additional context. So it makes it a little more interesting to try to figure out what we want to do. This is why it’s so important when defining surveys these days to make sure you’re clear about how you want the answers to look. And it’s easy to do that when you have a good idea of how you plan to use that data. Unfortunately, we can’t revise this survey so we’ll go with what we have.

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Ready, Set, Model!

We’re here!!! We’ve finally come to the part where we can start modeling and creating our database. As I was creating a clean reference between the two versions of the survey questions for myself, I realized that there are really two types of questions – ones that were fact based (where were you born, what was your occupation, etc.) vs. the ones that were more observational based (i.e. what was your sense of X scenario). So we’ll start with the fact based questions. Continue reading “Ready, Set, Model!”

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Extra Credit Reading List

We’re coming up on a long weekend here in the US. The new laptop just arrived (Yay!!!!) so I’m looking forward to really setting it up and jump right in. (Guess what my next post will be about?)

So I think we’re ready to start jumping in. If you’re interested, you can start reading through the survey questions we’ll be modeling. You can find them here: There should also be some samples of the answers here as well if you wanted to see what some of the answers are.

I have also decided to give myself “extra credit reading assignments.” If I’m going to do something based on history, I should brush up my knowledge on the subject. I’m not trying to be an expert or anything like that, but some of the details may come in handy.


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