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SQL Saturday Boston #797 Reflections

Now that SQL Saturday Boston is over (along with the rest of my insane September), I’m finally able to reflect on the whole event.

my speaker badge
My badge and its ribbons

My first SQL Saturday Boston was as an attendee when it was held out at one of the colleges in Wellesley, MA (either Wellesley College or Regis College – I don’t remember which one.) I missed one or two of the SQL Saturdays after that because I was late registering and SQL Saturday Boston fills up quickly. I managed to volunteer at SQL Saturday #500 helping in the morning at the speaker and sponsor check-in table. I had spoken at my first SQL Saturday before the SQL Saturday Boston BI 2017 but I didn’t submit my T-SQL 101 session because it was a BI Edition SQL Saturday and I didn’t think it met the criteria for a BI session.

This year, I had the honor to be on the organizing committee. It was an interesting experience to see the same event from so many different perspectives.

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Thoughts for International Women’s Day 2018

It’s International Women’s Day. I wrote about this topic last year and looking back, I think what I said stays true. I was worried when I wrote it that I was being too positive and glossing over some of the problems that still exist. But that’s who I am – someone who always takes the optimistic point of view. (Cue Monty Python…)

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A Woman in SQL, 2017

It’s International Women’s Day 2017! One of the people who tweets for @NESQLServer, Olga Demidova, had the idea to blog and tweet to celebrate today by talking about achievements and challenges. I thought I knew what I wanted to talk about until I started writing.

My first draft of this focused on one of worst experiences I’ve had as a DBA. To be fair, I’ve been pretty lucky in my career where the reason that particular story stood out was because it was not the norm. Of course, I have a story or two to add. (“I thought your division just hired someone for IT. Is he on vacation?”, “She’s just overly emotional and I don’t know how to handle it.”) I do have to step back once in a while and wonder if some of the issues that I faced were because I was the female DBA up against a team of (mostly) male programmers or was it just the old-fashioned conflict of being the one DBA against a team of programmers.

But it’s the 3 words included in the image at the top that made me rethink what I wanted to write about.

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